A Perfect Match – almost

Breakfast in Cairns

Her husband’s a finance broker and her on-air partner was once on Perfect Match.
But what listeners don’t know is Juanita Soper once dated a three-time Australian karate champion, “… he taught me how to work the nun chucks quite well. Also I have a pretty deadly right hook (so I’ve been told). So bottom line is…I might look soft and spongy but my ninja potential is REAL!”
Meet 99.5 Sea FM’s Mark and Juanita, the breakfast show in tropical Cairns.
Juanita and Mark Littler have been on-air together just over two years and seem to know each other well.
“Mark is a hard worker, he’s consistent and very much in touch with the local community. He is the most FORGETFUL person I know though with the memory of a goldfish (although apparently that myth’s been busted). Plus, he gets way too excited about ‘free green waste disposal’ weekends,” says Juanita.
 She is always up for a challenge and is passionate about the product, adds Mark.
When she challenge’s herself it’s usually some sort of sport or exercise which makes me look bad when I keep putting off the gym. She also loves food, like me, so we end up talking ourselves into getting something we shouldn’t eat.”
Asked to describe each other in one-word Mark says “strong” while Juanita answered “professional”.
If Juanita wasn’t working in radio she says she’d be working in her husband’s business “…but that would never end well.”
Mark “fixed” planes before launching into radio and says there are advantages to doing the breakfast shift in a warm climate.
“In winter it’s not cold at 3.30am, still shorts and t-shirt. You also get to really help the community in situations like cyclones, it’s a good feeling when you know you have contributed to helping listeners when they are in need.”
 So did you get picked on Perfect Match?
No, but Dexter gave me the highest compatibility score.”

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