Pets talk radio’s 100th radio show

Dogs, cats, rats, birds… even a snake were on hand to help the Pet Talk Radio team celebrate their 100th show last Saturday.

Broadcast weekly from Hornsby in Sydney’s north, and heard across the country on 40 stations via the community radio satellite for the past 2 years, Pet Talk Radio is Australia’s longest running nationally syndicated show for pet and animal lovers.

With both a national and international audience via the Community Radio Satellite Service and the internet, Pet Talk Radio provides the latest news, behavioural advice and the often colourful views from the who’s who of the pet world, including Dr Harry Cooper, Dr Katrina Warren plus respected animal trainers Steve Austin and John Richardson – better known as ‘The Dog Whisperer’.

Producer Brian Pickering has told radioinfo: “The focus of the show is on opening people’s eyes to the amazing world of animals but in a very ‘tongue in cheek’ way that always leaves a smile on your face.”

Pickering, along with co-hosts, broadcaster Kaye Browne and behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti, is celebrating the 100th show with their first ‘LIVE’ outside broadcast in the carpark of Triple-H, 100.1FM Hornsby. (Apparently that’s as far as their microphone cable and budget would stretch).

Previous Pet Talk Radio guests and a wide range of pets were invited to participate in the carpark ‘barbie’ and drinks.

Contact Kaye Browne or Brian Pickering for more info on the program:

(02)9873 2530 0416 083 617
[email protected]