Pig of a promotion

The St Petersburg Times reports on the trial of US Shock Jock, Bubba ‘the Love Sponge’ Clem. Apparently Clem, who “presided over the on-air slaughter of a wild boar,” was acquitted of animal cruelty charges, along with his producer and two listeners. It took the jury less than an hour to acquit due to lack of evidence.

The state’s case consisted of playing the audiotape of Clem’s broadcast and a video of the slaughter of the animal.

The paper says: “The unusual case started last February when a Myakka City hunter named Paul Lauterberg hauled a boar he had trapped to the parking lot of WXTB-97.9 FM (98 Rock), where Clem was hosting a “Road Kill Barbecue. [While the hunter killed the animal] Clem and his producer, joked about it on the air and a listener, helped hold it down.