PM chases votes on FM

While some of the more conservative politicians like Tony Abbott tend to steer clear of FM music stations, perhaps because they fear getting sucked into some sort of on air stunt, the more media savvy realise that an 18-39’s vote counts exactly the same as that of someone 40+.

A refreshed media strategy has seen PM Malcolm Turnbull embrace FM radio, embarking on a blitz of nine FM appearances in August and 11 in September, compared to five a month for May, June and July.

On-air, Turnbull has discussed TV shows, same-sex marriage, and his relationship with his wife Lucy: the PM has gone FM. While still maintaining a more traditional schedule of ABC and commercial radio spots, as the government continues to lose voters across all age groups, the new push into FM radio is perceived as a bid to change opinions among younger demographics.

Turnbull has appeared on numerous programs across the FM dial, including Fitzy and Wippa, Jonesy and Amanda, and on Tuesday afternoon, headed to the Nova studios to join Kate, Tim & Marty‘s national drive show, where Kate Ritchie beat Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull in a game of quick draw.

Quick draw game:

On Lucy being his best friend:

On wheeling his own bags:

On Trumps Tweets: