A podcast to help you replace “Are we there yet?”

A new podcast has been launched designed to delight and entertain entire families stuck in the car on that long holiday drive this Easter or school holidays.

Enter the brand new ABC podcast Short & Curly.

This podcast will help you replace “Are we there yet?” with more interesting questions like, “Can we trust robots?” or “Is it okay to fight back against a bully?”

The specially commissioned ethics show for kids is designed for them to enjoy along with their parents, and it isn’t afraid of tackling curly topics.

The show is hosted by Carl Smith from ABC 3’s Behind the News and Molly Daniels from the new Tomorrow When the War Began television series.

Helping them out with the moral dilemmas is philosopher Dr. Mathew Beard from the Ethics Centre and a group of grade 6 students from Randwick Public School in Sydney.

Episodes in the series investigate whether sport can ever be truly fair, how chimpanzees compare to children, how copyright works for jokes and music, if robots can be trusted and if it’s ever okay to fight back against bullying.

In order to get families talking amongst themselves, Short & Curly has built in ‘pause breaks’ within the audio, giving listeners the chance to stop and ponder the issues.

If you’re interested in how big ideas affect small people, you can download all five episodes of season one on the 23rd of March, 2016.

Available on the ABC radio app, subscribe on iTunes or via your favourite podcasting platform.

For updates and information about the show subscribe via iTunes or follow the ABC Podcasts Facebook.

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