PodcastOne goes to the dogs

The incredible relationship between humans and dogs explored in new PodcastOne original series, Dognitive Therapy

A true dog lover will attest that the emotional bond they share with their four-legged friend is as real and unwavering as human connection.
Dognitive Therapy tells of the transformative power of man’s best friend while the host, acclaimed dog behaviourist Laura V, explores how human emotions and behaviours determine that of the dog.
I often meet with owners looking for help with emotional or behavioural issues in their dogs, however, after digging a little deeper, what I discover is that the dog’s issue is usually a direct reflection of the owner’s”,
“Most dog training isn’t about the dog at all, it’s about educating humans and helping them understand their own emotional responses which travel down the leash”.
Throughout the series, dog lovers and experts from various walks of life share poignant stories of how dogs gave them purpose, taught them love and gratitude, supported them through enormous grief and rescued them, physically or otherwise.
From StoryDogs who read with children, to military canines that put their lives on the line for their masters, Dognitive Therapy demonstrates the unconditional love and the implicit oath between man and his best friend.
Laura V says “Because dogs can connect with human emotion, they have this amazing ability to provide support and healing to people.
“Throughout the Dognitive Therapy series, our guests detail the incredible, life-altering bonds they share with their dogs, and really confirm just how phenomenal these animals really are.”
Dognitive Therapy is available now for free via the PodcastOne app and Apple Podcasts.