Pollies put money where mouth is – in the bush

The newly formed MacBank mega-network has wasted no time in lifting revenue by getting the most out of the election advertising bonaza.

The old RRB is now sporting a new name, “Macquarie Regional Radioworks National Sales”. Media strategist for the group, Daryl Mitchell told radioinfo, “With 71% of people listening to Commercial Radio in regional Australia each week and 54% of marginal seats based in regional markets demand for regional radio advertising is up.

The stage is set for government to be won or lost in non-metro markets. Great interest lies in seats like Eden-Monaro where for every election since 1972, it has been won by the Party that formed government. Hinkler, Bass and Solomon all decided by less than 100 votes last election, McMillan a swinging seat for the last 3 decades and Richmond taking in Australia’s fastest growing region are all crucial.

Mitchell said he expected the momentum to continue. Armed with figures from AC Nielsen Panorama, Survey 6, 2004, he said, “With properties like Breakfast FM Radio which 40% of people usually listen to on a daily basis compared to the 9% watching Nat 9 News, Radio offers a great opportunity to reach communities with a relevant message”.