Public views are being sought on NZ’s Revised Broadcasting Standards Codebook

NZ’s Broadcasting Standards Authority is proposing changes to the Broadcasting Standards Codebook.

The codebook contains standards, which are the basic rules broadcasters must follow, and commentary and guidelines, which help explain how the standards work.

Key proposed changes include:

  • Updating the introduction including to reflect the current environment.
  • Combining the three existing codes for Radio, Pay TV and Free-to-air TV into one simplified code.
  • Streamlining and combining some standards which cover related issues.
  • Updating the discrimination and denigration standard guidelines to clarify its application to content which reinforces negative stereotypes.
  • Incorporating an obligation to correct material errors of fact within the accuracy standard.
  • Updating the guidelines/commentary on how the standards apply, shaped by past BSA decisions and, in the case of privacy standard guidelines, legal developments.
  • Refreshing the language to make the Codebook easier to understand.
  • Updating guidance on the complaints process to clarify the requirements for a formal complaint (and consequently the types of complaints broadcasters may treat as feedback only).

Submissions on the draft revised Codebook,  can be made via the BSA online form.

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