Radio 4CRB kick off fundraiser and celebrates 40 years

Radio 4CRB celebrates 40 years of providing easy listening classic hits on the Gold Coast in 2024 and launch their annual radiothon fundraiser on February 24.

When the community station was founded in 1984 they committed to provide an alternative radio broadcast specifically for the 50 plus community of the Gold Coast. They also feature highlights of Ben Fordham’s 2GB Breakfast show from 11am-12noon weekdays.

A listener sent 4CRB the following message about the station’s connection to the community:

“I have some sad news to pass on to you. My sister passed away last week. I know she would have liked me to let you know as she saw you as part of her family. Life was not always kind to her and this last year was the happiest I have ever seen her due to the friendship, connection and trust she found in the wonderful people at 4CRB. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the difference you made in her life and for the lovely music she enjoyed so much, the programs, comradery and a sense of belonging which meant so much to her.

Thank you for all your friendship and patience. I feel so very blessed the moment I tune in. May the future of 4CRB flourish and prove success beyond and above any of our imagination – let’s beat the odds in a time such as this.

My appreciation for all you do there to brighten up the day and night for lots of people. Your airwaves are a miracle.”

More details on the radiothon can be found here.

Picture from Facebook.

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