The moment Ben Fordham thought his radio career was over

Host of 2GB’s drive show, Ben Fordham has spoken about the time he corrected Alan Jones live on air as a 15-year-old work experience kid.

He was reading something…he was talking about computers, he was talking about Omega and he said ‘oh-meg-a’ and I am sitting next to him and naturally said, not thinking hang on, I am in a radio studio with a microphone on, just said ‘oh-mee-ga’”, remembers Ben.
“He said, well we have a young man educating me here about what this thing is called, and I’m like, oh no, this is it I will never be back, this is the end of my career.
“…he runs a very tight ship and I can’t believe all these years later he is still doing the breakfast how and I am on the same radio station in the afternoon.”
Speaking with Rachel Corbett in episode 17 of her series You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere, a podcast shining the spotlight on media personalities to uncover what it takes to make it show business, Ben also speaks about desperately wanting to get into radio.
“For some reason the school I went to had no work experience and I was always going to be that person who would start working rather than continuing study…so I organised my own work experience.
“I wrote to Alan Jones and asked if I could go in and do some work experience so I went in for a week working behind the scenes on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show and I think after just one day I said, this is me, I want to do this.
“I didn’t think at that stage I would be doing my own show but I knew I wanted to be around the fun that was in that radio station because and this sounds really juvenile, but keep in mind I was 15, I’d never heard swearing like I had around the radio station, I was like wow, I’d never met so many funny people, I just thought everyone was hilarious.
“So, I walked away from that and thought, that’s where I want to be I want to be amongst all of that.”

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