Radio ad revenue down in first quarter


Metropolitan commercial radio revenue for the first quarter of this financial year has recorded a fall of 3.64%.

Ad revenue for the five metropolitan commercial radio markets dropped to a total of $166.66 million, according to figures released today by Commercial Radio Australia.

The 2012 Metropolitan Commercial Radio Advertising Revenue figures, sourced by Deloitte, show total advertising revenue for July, August and September YTD 2012, compared to the same time frame in 2011, was down in all markets except for Perth.

Advertising revenue for the three months financial YTD compared to the same period last year shows:

Sydney down 1.54% to $52.822 million:

Melbourne down 6.03% to $49.984 million,

Brisbane down 5.16% to $25.935 million;

Adelaide down 6.37% to $15.403 million;

Perth up 0.89% to $22.514 million. 

Joan Warner says the month of September seems to have been particularly difficult for the media sector: “Results for September reflect the challenges facing media in a tough trading environment. Some markets are more patchy than others and both first quarter and monthly figures reflect this trend.”

For the month of September 2012, ad revenue in Sydney fell 7.17% to a total of $17.62 million; Melbourne fell 7.86% to a total of $17.24 million; Brisbane was down 10.77% to $8.568 million; Adelaide fell 8.96% to $5.276 million and Perth was down 2.19% to $7.7 million.

For all markets combined, September revenue fell 7.47% to a total of $56.407 million.

“The quarter and month on month comparisons of 2012 to 2011 highlight the real impact of poor consumer and business confidence and uncertainty about the global economy, a continuation of a problematical retail environment, insecurity about interest rates and the slashing of advertising and information campaign budgets by both State and Federal Governments,” says Warner.

The Deloitte figures report total metropolitan radio revenue received for each calendar month and include all direct and all agency revenue.