Radio Adelaide members will meet Monday to discuss the station’s future

The board and staff of community broadcaster Radio Adelaide are holding a special member meeting on Monday for all financial members and volunteers to discuss the future of the station.
Since parting ways with University of Adelaide and going out on its own, Radio Adelaide has struggled to find the revenue required to keep the station operational, and has now reached a critical juncture, requiring what they are describing as “…an urgent change of direction and decisions to be made.”
Station manager Chris Leese, told ABC Radio Adelaide, that after the university divested itself of the broadcasting licence for the station, they moved into studios alongside Fresh 92.7, and now, after 3 years on their own, the station is finding it is getting harder and harder to get the revenue required to keep the doors open.
Leese told the ABC that sponsorship for the station is minimal and that they are finding “…in a changed media landscape the sponsorship and advertising (dollar) is not there anymore like it used to be, and more and more advertisers are looking for digital advertising.”
Chris says that it can cost between $300,000 and $400,000 to keep the station operational on a yearly basis, and they “…need a couple of hundred thousand dollars really to keep the station viable.
Meanwhile Radio Adelaide continues trying to find other revenue streams from training and Podcast production for other organisations.




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