River 94.9 Water Warriors decend on Stanthorpe

A stack of River 94.9 Water Warriors came together to help Stanthorpe and surrounding areas at a time that mattered most, joining forces with Mandy from Mum on a Mission Water Drive and Queensland Bottlers with the aim of collecting a substantial amount of bottled water for the Stanthorpe community… and ‘substantial’ was exactly the end result.
Listeners purchased or donated over 160,000 litres of water for a town that was listed as the first Queensland town likely to completely “run out of water” by December/January, and then soon after that announcement, was struck by intense bushfires.
River 94.9 put the call out to the community to help and scores of local truck drivers and container companies gave bottles and pallets and forklifts, and Stanthorpe Showground donated their venue.

The station broadcast live from the event, surrounded by pallets of water, local market stall holders and finished with a live performance from James Blundell, making sure the “Stanthorpe is open for business” message was hammered home, encouraging listeners to join them in Stanthorpe at the event and to spend some much needed money in the town.