Radio Alive campaign targets marketers



The commercial radio industry has launched phase two of its “Radio Alive” campaign today, using everyday audio effects to tell success stories about businesses that have used radio to achieve better sales results.    

The four new radio advertisements feature stories about marketers who used the medium to push their product. The ads cover the automotive, cruise, real estate and FMCG sectors. 

The campaign uses more than 15 sound effects, including the honking of a cruise ship, the rev of a sports car, an angelic choir and sauce squeezing from a bottle, and each 30-second ad commences with ‘another quick success story about radio’. 
Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, said the campaign explains why businesses should advertise on radio.
“The campaign aims to highlight the fact that radio is live, engaging, dynamic and most importantly, delivers tangible results using the well documented power of great audio,” she said.
Ralph van Dijk, founding creative director at Eardrum, said: “We simply wanted to communicate that radio makes things happen.  It’s a daily habit for most Australians and has become a huge social catalyst. 

“This fast-paced sound effect-based framework captures the “aliveness” of radio and illustrates what can be achieved when marketers utilise radio and all its assets.”
The campaign will run across radio for six weeks, supported by trade marketing and a national Media i campaign on 250 screens at media agency locations.
Radio Alive was launched in October to position radio as a vibrant and growing medium with extensive reach across digital, mobile and social media.
Visit the Radio Alive website for more info and to listen to the new ads. 



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