Radio Australia again broadcasts from Darwin

Radio Australia programs are again being broadcast from the Cox Peninsula Transmitters in Darwin as a result of the additional $2.8 million funding given by the government last August. The programs, which began this week, offer news and information in English and Indonesian in morning and evening timeslots.
Head of RA, Jean-Gabriel Manguy told AMT: ‘The new broadcasts from the Darwin transmitters mean listeners in the region will now be able to hear us more clearly and for longer… we will be delivering an additional seven hours of programming each day.”

The first programs this week were ABC news in Indonesian, then various English language programs including AM and Asia Pacific.

The Cox Peninsula transmitters are now operated by Christian Vision Australia which purchased the lease from the government when it shut down RA services, then later leased, the transmitters several years ago. RA also rebroadcasts through transmission sites in Singapore & Taiwan and relays programming through various local stations in Asia and the Pacific.