Radio has been pretty good to me: Bob Rogers’ 90th birthday

Bob Rogers turned 90 this week, celebrating his birthday with workmates at 2CH after finishing his daily shift.

Rogers is one of the world’s oldest daily live broadcasters. He is heard six days a week, presenting mornings Monday to Friday on the Sydney station, and also hosts a pre-recorded weekend nostalgia show.

He told Channel 7: “In 90 years Radio has been wonderful for me…

“I remember my first radio, we were so poor on the farm that I was ten before we had a radio… I’d have to say, radio has been pretty good to me.”

Rogers grew up on a farm in rural Victoria and got his first job as a panel operator at 3XY in 1942.

After 3XY he moved to Hobart and began a pop music show, then moved north to Brisbane to present a similar show on 4BH.

He became successful and subsequently presented Australia’s first Top 40 show on 2UE from 1958 to 1962. He was Australia’s top radio DJ for the next 8 years

In 1962 he joined 2SM which jumped to number 1. Two years later he was chosen to represent 2SM on The Beatles’ tour through Europe, Asia and Australia, becoming known as the Fifth Beatle. He then returned to 2UE and presented a morning radio show with a new format of provocative commentary, gossip and music. In 1982, he temporarily left radio and began a chain of Women’s dress shops. He also presented The Bob Rogers Show on the Seven Network.

In 1994 Rogers returned to 2UE to present a Sunday morning show and in 1995, Rogers accepted an offer to move to 2CH, where he been presenting his program ever since.

His current contract runs until 2024, when he will turn 98 years old.


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