Radio Hauraki serves up a Rocktober Cafe brand campaign

A new brand campaign served up by Radio Hauraki celebrates the return of the radio network’s annual Rocktober, a month dedicated to celebrating the most iconic rock artists of all time.

The campaign includes two videos set in Radio Hauraki’s Rocktober Cafe, featuring the hosts of the radio station dressed as iconic rockstars, including Jeremy Wells as Billy Idol, Jason Hoyte as Keith Richards, Tracey Donaldson as Courtney Love, Matt Heath as Kurt Cobain, Mike Minogue as David Bowie, Chris Key as Prince and Angelina Grey as Axl Rose.

Set inside the Rocktober Cafe, the pun filled videos see the Radio Hauraki announcers deciding which food and ‘rocktails’ to order from the menu.

                                                                              Matt Heath & Jeremy Wells

Radio Hauraki Brand Manager, Claire Chellew, says the creative concept was the brains of the Radio Hauraki team and was then made possible thanks to New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s Creative and Vision team.

Claire says, “Radio Hauraki has a long and proud legacy of celebrating the very best in rock, and this year we wanted to capture the fun and irreverence of Radio Hauraki, and have our hosts dress up as their favourite rock stars. That’s where the idea started, and then we joined forces with our uber talented in-house Creative and Vision team who made our ideas a reality.

 “We wanted to really focus on bringing the ‘Rocktober Cafe’ to life for our listeners, so we were stoked when Super Liquor wanted to join in on the action – partnering with Radio Hauraki to bring Rocktober to their stores and give away a once in a lifetime prize – a trip to see any band, anywhere in the world.”

“It’s an epic prize – everyone has a bucket list gig so here’s the chance to actually do it. Earlier this year, we sent a winning listener to his dream gig, Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden. It went down so well, that it was a no brainer to do it again!” says Chellew.


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