Radio industry leaders congratulate radioinfo on acquisition

High profile radioinfo readers who are leaders in the radio industry here in Australia and internationally have congratulated this publication on the acquisition of Radio Today.


Valerie Geller has sent this message:

“What exciting news, congratulations on a opportunity, with combined forces, to continue to serve our industry covering Australian broadcasting and media, and helping readers, broadcasters and audio media advance around the world. Together, you’re a powerhouse.  


“Looking forward to your expanded excellent coverage and continued success and growth. Congratulations to all involved”


James Cridland writes:

“I’ve been an avid reader of both Radioinfo and Radio Today for the last five years, and now I can actually admit it!


“It’s great to see quality radio journalism in Australia has a strong future.


“Looking forward to your expanded excellent coverage and continued success and growth. Congratulations to all involved”


Anders Held says:

“Excited to hear that Radioinfo is expanding its business and network. I have found Radioinfo reliable and professional weather reporting on radio and audio trends in Australia, Asia, Europe or worldwide.

“I have also seen some of the most extensive coverage of leading industry events like Radiodays Europe and Radiodays Asia by Radioinfo.

“Looking forward to your expanded excellent coverage and continued success and growth. Congratulations to all involved.”


Congratulations on the further expansion of the  AMT business.

“Radioinfo has consistently been a valued and trusted source of wide-ranging news and opinion on the Australian and international radio and audio industries for over two decades.  I look forward to seeing the team go from strength to strength with the strategic addition of Radio Today.


Jon Bisset writes:

“Congratulations to the RadioInfo team. Fantastic to see RadioInfo and Radio Today coming together.

“RadioInfo has for many years been a supporter of Community Radio and we look forward to continuing to hear the latest Australian and international Radio industry news long into the future.”



Pat Bryson says:

“What exciting news! Congratulations on acquiring Radio Today. Your coverage of Australian radio happenings has always been second to none.

“Now new readers will have access to your information about our industry. Time to celebrate.”


Artie Stevens former owner AIR News messaged:

“Wonderful news! There is strength in numbers, and this is a particularly strong signal about where radio is at.

“To all the team at AMT I say congratulations and may there be many more years of service across all your outlets, particularly Radioinfo and Radio Today.”



Richard Palmer writes:

“Congratulations, Steve, Peter and the team at AMT.

“Since beginning my radio career, RadioInfo has been an incredible and valued resource of information for myself and the industry over the past 20 years, and no doubt into the future. With the acquisition of RadioToday, I look forward to seeing how you continue to develop these mastheads to champion the work of the Australian Radio and Podcasting industry, locally and abroad.” 


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