Radio Industry welcomes ACMA Spectrum Review

The Government has released a report, prepared by the Department of Communications, on the future directions for spectrum management that outlines recommended changes to improve Australia’s spectrum management framework.

The three main recommendations are:

  1. Replace the current legislative arrangements with streamlined legislation that focusses on outcomes rather than process, for a simpler and more flexible framework.
  2. Better integrate the management of public sector and broadcasting spectrum to improve the consistency and integrity of the framework.
  3. Review spectrum pricing to ensure consistent and transparent arrangements to support the efficient use of spectrum and secondary markets.

The commercial radio industry has welcomed the release of the report,
Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia said:

“Commercial Radio Australia is looking thoroughly at the recommendations in the report and consulting with our members – We welcome the recognition of the role and importance of radio broadcasters and will be fully engaging with the Government during the consultation period.”

The report can be found here.

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