Radio… it’s verbal snapchat

During a discussion this week about kids listening to the radio during school holidays, 702 ABC Sydney’s Richard Glover and James Valentine made some good points about radio in this fast paced online age.

“I always reckon that if they invented radio last, it would be regarded as really cool technology. Compare it to a podcast, you can interact with it, you can ring it up, you can be live in the moment. It’s social media in the audio sense,” said Glover.

“We keep saying these other things are really amazing and new, instead of going… er, we’ve done it already, it’s radio!” replied Valentine.

“It’s verbal snapchat, it’s there and it’s gone…”

Our transmission devices are so cheap, or it’s modern and you can get it through your phone, they discussed. Listen to the chat below.

This week the ACMA also released the latest stats on teenage online usage. See our other report here.


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