Radio National’s Weekend Programming Changes

Radio National’s Saturday morning programming line up will change next year to just one host – Geraldine Doogue – introducing various segments.

RN has been running specialist shows from 7-10am on Saturdays, offering the latest on technology, the environment, architecture, food and travel.

In a leaked outline of the new format, obtained by Amanda Meade’s Diary in The Australian, RN management has been keen to find a vehicle for Doogue.

In the proposal, Program Manager, Gordon Taylor, is quoted as saying: “Geraldine returns to the network at the end of the year and we wish to use her considerable on air skills to present engaging and vital Saturday breakfast listening.”

‘The Buzz’ with Richard Aedy will disappear, but ‘Earthbeat’ with Alexandra de Blas will appear in a segment with Doogue at 8.30am.

‘The Comfort Zone’, a fascinating program hosted by Alan Saunders, will be co-hosted with Doogue.