Radio salutes tv as it switches off analog in Brisbane

Yesterday marked the end of an era in South-East Queensland as the analog tv signal was switched off. 4KQ marked the occasion with a trip down memory lane.

4KQ’s Laurel, Gary and Mark made the most of the momentous occasion by talking to two of Brisbane’s tv icons who had significant roles in the analog medium.
They interviewed Hugh Cornish the first face on Queensland Television on Channel 9 in 1959 and Kevin Dicksona Channel 7 business manager who oversaw the construction of the Channel 7 tower.

Both men were given the role to switch off the analog signal on Tuesday.
It was the last change to television however that had the 4KQ listener’s calling through with their stories about the chance from black and white to colour.

The tv industry’s switch-off for its analog signals around the country has gone smoothly. Brisbane is the latest capital to switch off, and many regional centres have also had their analog signals replaced by digital over the past two years.

The radio industry should be watching the switch off marketing campaign by the station and the government, so that lessons learnt by tv can be applied to radio when one day in the far distant future, it switches off its old analog signals and goes completely digital.

Laurel, Gary and Mark also caught it all on video.