Radio show encourages children to meditate

Lynette Carroll Bolton, a regular face on Channel 7 and the founder of LoveLCB and Sarah Morrissey, founder of Little Rockers Radio have come together to launch Happy Smile Little Meditations.
A child’s family has the first and biggest influence on their mental health. It’s a fact that children can be taught how to cope with their emotions, to bounce back from problems, and to develop positive relationships. Basically, families can teach children these skills as early as possible in life – even from when they’re babies! (Kids Matter website)
The Happy Smile Little Meditations will launch on Little Rockers Radio today (August 2nd 2016), and the short 5-6 minutes meditations will air daily at 12pm and 6.30pm (AEST). Children can find a comfortable position with their Mums, Dads or Carers, while Lynette takes them on a mindful journey under the sea, into the fairy garden, on a flying carpet and more.
“I am delighted to be working with Lynette to launch Happy Smile Little Meditations,” says Sarah Morrissey. “At Little Rockers Radio we are dedicated to helping equip children with the tools while they’re young, to help them grow into happy and healthy, both physically and mentally, adults”.
“We know that meditation for adults is extremely beneficial in helping to deal with stress, improving sleep, feeling more connected and so on, we also know that for children it helps them to be more self-aware and to better understand their feelings. So why not harness this and help Mums, Dads and Carers easily implement daily meditations for children,” says Sarah.
Mental Health difficulties affect approximately 1 in 7 children in Australia, and SANE Australia reports that around 20% of adults are affected by some form of mental illness every year. Anxiety disorders affect around 14% of the adult population and depression affects around 6% of the adult population every year. Through Happy Smile Little Meditations Lynette and Sarah are hoping to help reduce these figures, equipping children with the tools early, that help them to have strong minds as they grow.
Lynette, who last week launched her online community LoveLCB says, “I truly believe that teaching children stress management skills such as meditation, breathing and yoga at a young age is much more effective than using these approaches as a band aid solution when they are older. The world our children are growing up in is increasingly foreign to us ‘oldies’ and so far removed from the one that we experienced as kids.  It is completely overwhelming to say the least. Together let’s provide our future generations with all the love, connection and support they need to navigate this incredible, yet sometimes scary, world in which we all now live.”

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