Radio station gives locals the chance to say goodbye to Puzzle Park

Local radio station PowerFM was granted exclusive access to the old Puzzle Park site to give it a final farewell.

The site, currently owned by developers, is set to become housing in the not too distant future. Until then, the rides sit untouched, just a little more run down than when the park’s doors closed nearly 10 years ago.

In its heyday, the adventure park attracted up to 3000 visitors who willingly hurtled down 20-foot high steel slides, jumped aboard giant rocking giraffes and hit the go-kart track. 

In 2007 public liability insurance skyrocketed, pricing the owners out of business. Now, as the local council moves to rezone the land from tourism to residential, this may be the very last chance people will get to walk around the grounds that will forever be seared into our minds as some of the best times of our childhood.

PowerFM opened the park doors for the final time to nearly 100 guests, including the park’s former owners, the Breen family, who spent an emotion evening reflecting on the park that they called home for nearly a decade.

Station Program Director Mel Dee says being able to do something that has so much emotion attached to it in this community, is something special.

” We were so excited to be able to take our listeners into Puzzle Park for one last visit. So many families hold dear their happy memories of days spent at the park and we feel honoured to have been able to give this iconic local fun destination the send-off it deserves.”


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