Canberra’s 104.7 pens poem summing up US election

It’s official, businessman Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Election and yes, the sun did come up.
Data shows the Trump Campaign spent millions in a last minute media blitz including radio.
In Florida alone, some $30 million of ad time was booked across media markets for commercials related to the presidential election”, according to
And it worked.
The internet was flooded with memes and comments of outrage that someone as divisive as Trump pulled off what many thought was the impossible.
But 2016 has been the year for the underdog.
Leicester City, Western Bulldogs, Chicago Cubs, Cronulla Sharks all won titles after years of drought and even smooth FM in Sydney beat some big cross-town rivals to reach the number one FM station.
Trump himself even dabbled in radio.
Trumped! was a daily talk radio program hosted by Donald Trump. It ran from June 14, 2004[ and til 2008.
On the program, Trump expressed his views on current events, life, sports, entertainment, finance, economics, business, real estate, and politics.
Trump’s campaign and subsequent win has certainly given the media fodder.
Including Hit 104.7’s Ryan Jon who penned a piece titled  “Presidential Poetry” to share with listeners in Canberra.


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