Radio Stations that could change the course of the election!

36 key seats that will decide.

With the election date set, it is likely the outcome will have a lot to do with what happens in the following 36 seats.
31 seats only need a swing of less than 6% to change. Swinging voters that are more likely to change, have traditionally been 18-34 year olds, so radio stations targeting this demographic represent important opportunites for parties to retain or win seats.
Some of these hotly contested seats include:

Retiring Clive Palmer’s seat of Fairfax.

Indi held by Independent Cathy McGowan with a margin of 0.3%

Robertson, Eden-Monaro, Lindsay & Petrie which have always been held by the government of the day since 1972.
Five other battleground seats are:

Herbert, the home of Queensland Nickel. Flynn a seat Labor would desperately like to win back. The volatile seat of Dawson. Mayo home of dumped Jamie Briggs and New England where Tony Windsor will take on Barnaby Joyce. It will be interesting to see the tactics in these markets.
Regional radio is well positioned to connect with voters in these electorates with fewer stations per market it is an effective way to build affordable reach and effective frequency quickly with the ability to change commercials quickly as tactics change.
A few predictions for the election –

  • A strong AEC campaign to get first time voters to enroll to vote. AEC will be the biggest advertiser associated with the election encouraging people to enroll, engaging people of different cultural & ethnic backgrounds to ensure every vote counts, Postal & absentee voting and don’t forget to vote messages. 
  • Lots of PM visits and announcements in these marginal seats. 
  • Radio Stations with a strong local connection with under 35’s will be sought after for interviews and advertising.
  • Don’t expect to see much action in Western Australia.
  • More innovation with geo targeted social media in the crucial period up to polling.






Is your station in one of these seats? Tell us what you are doing to cover your electorate.




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