Radio still going strong

Nielsen has released its comparable metrics report for Q4 2015.

It’s an in-depth study of users and usage – averaged across the U.S. population – with the purpose 
of aligning methodologies and metrics to display an “apples to apples” view of consumption across TV, Radio, TV-connected devices, PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets.

And there are some interesting trends, with radio still strong among most demographics, in fact over 90% of adults still listen to the radio.

AM/FM radio reaches 95% of adults age 35-49 each week.
However, young people are not listening to traditional radios as much but rather using smartphones to consume audio in other ways and other media content.

The 18-34 age bracket had an average of 10 hours, 52 minutes of time spent listening to radio weekly.

The total average audience across all platforms grew year-over-year by nearly 5 million among p18+.

The largest increase in average audience came from smartphones.

All of the findings were derived from the best available data in the reporting periods of October 27 – November 30, 2014 and October 26 – November 29, 2015, and will continue to evolve in 2016 and beyond as Nielsen’s Total Audience Measurement initiatives are implemented. 



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