Radio team stars in Hollywood

Are Lisa, Baz and Sam cheating in the name of Telethon? Officially, the McDonalds Global Star Chase for Telethon ended a few days ago with the majority of radio personalities now heading back home from London or LA, but the 92.9 Perth breakfast team have stayed on in the USA and are getting into mischief.


Lisa and Sam have literally made their mark on Hollywood by writing Baz’s name on a blank Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

“I’m flattered that you put me on the Hollywood Walk of Fame guys, but that means it’s still there and there’s not many of us in the world, so all the LAPD have to do is Google search me and say ‘Listen clown, you’ve written your name on a Hollywood Star, we want to catch up with you,’” Baz told radioinfo.


Not content with graffiti and stalking Bob Saget (of Full House and Entourage fame) and landing an exclusive interview with Justin Bieber, albeit for 22 seconds, the team has added more drama to their trip.

This morning Enrique Iglesias spoke to Lisa, Baz and Sam which has cost Lisa and Sam a small fortune in phone bills. Due to technical issues, Enrique was in a studio in Melbourne, Baz was at 92.9 Perth and both Lisa and Sam had to call in from their separate suites at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills just to talk to the Latino heartthrob.

As well as some impromptu Spanish lessons and shameless flirting, the guys did manage to get him to donate his infamous Melbourne Cup Day hat to the Telethon auction to add to their only other get –a napkin signed by Will Ferrell.