Radio Training Institute to close its doors

RTI established in 1984, is closing its classrooms and studios for the final time.​

But owner, Ace Radio, is introducing a new traineeship scheme to “better identify and nurture homegrown radio talent,” now that the Institute has had to close.

The ACE Radio Network-owned institute based in South Melbourne has trained hundreds of graduates, many of whom have gone on to achieve work in the Australian radio industry.

ACE CEO Mark Taylor said: “In a family company such as ours, and one that encourages learning and excellence, a decision like this is not taken lightly.

Unfortunately, it reflects the dynamic media landscape we find ourselves in, and the changing needs of radio stations, when it comes to future staffing requirements.” “

As of RTI’s June 30 2018 closure and the end of operations in Melbourne, those interested will be offered a traineeship within the ACE Network.

Chosen candidates will be assigned to one of the various stations within ACE, where they can learn a wide variety of skills on the job.

“We already have two trainees at different stations, with the plan to increase the intake to several more, at any one time. We think a ‘hands-on’ environment will continue our tradition of developing well rounded employees, who are valuable assets to any radio station,” said Taylor. 

The ACE Radio Network recently added four Victorian stations to their existing network, bringing the number of stations to seventeen. Each has a strong commitment to local and national news and sport, and all are heavily involved in their respective communities.

The group, which is owned by Rowly and Judy Paterson, employs over 200 people, across Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

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