Radio training works a little too well: kids break into 6FX and swear on air

A group of kids who got some basic radio training decided to break into a Fitzroy Crossing community radio station and do their own program… complete with swearing.

Perhaps they missed the lesson on broadcast law.

West Australian ABC reporter Erin Parke reports that the kids, aged between 8 and 14, broke into the buildings of the Wangki Yupurnanupurru community radio station in Fitzroy Crossing last week.

The first police knew of it was a phone call from a listener, concerned at swear words being broadcast.

Station manager Angie Stahl told Parke she had previously given the children lessons in community radio, and they worked out how to make the studio go live. The manager thinks they may have a future in broadcasting (once they master the rules and regulations concerning broadcasting).

Read the full report from ABC WA News here.

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