Radio veterans propose broadcast equipment museum

As new technology pushes old radio equipment into the back shed or onto the scrap heap, a group of radio veterans is moving to preserve the industry’s heritage by establishing a
museum to house photos and equipment capturing the history of Australian
radio broadcasting/communications.

Ray Rumble, a 47 year veteran of radio and television, has joined with Sid Merhi (NTC Radio) , Alex Kennedy (Radio Transmission Engineering) and 86 year old commercial radio veteran Bernie Harte to build momentum for the idea.

Ray Rumble told radioinfo: “We have also been talking with ham radio people and people like John Innes – lamenting the loss of tonnes and tonnes of old Australian made radio and television and communications equipment thrown out to the dump. There are tonnes and tonnes of industry gear dating back to the 20’s and 30’s still around that would provide an interesting and educational display in a museum.

“The stumbling block has always been, funds (of course), but more
importantly, a home for such a museum.”

The group believe there may be a former Department of Defence site in Canberra that could be offered by the Australian Government. “It has a large area
of land, a huge array of buildings on the site, and even many existing
broadcast towers and obsolete transmitting equipment.”

The group is very anxious to gauge the interest of the industry
in preserving our Radio/Television/Communications history, particularly
Australian manufactured gear, photos, written history etc.

“We are looking to constitute a formal body that could attract some government funding and use of a site. Any one interested in joining us should contact us,” says Rumble.

Contact details:

Ray Rumble

New Generation Broadcasting

PO Box 440 Gladesville, NSW, 1675

Tel: 02 9879 0308

Email: [email protected]