Radio welcomes ACCC recommendations for greater oversight of digital platforms

Commercial Radio Australia has welcomed recommendations by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission for greater regulatory oversight of Facebook and Google.
CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner says, “We’re pleased that the ACCC’s preliminary report has found that action is needed to address the gaping inequalities that exist between regulations applying to radio broadcasters and digital platforms.”
The ACCC today released a preliminary report on its Digital Platforms Inquiry, making 11 recommendations and outlining nine areas for further analysis.
Ms Warner said the industry supported a preliminary recommendation for a separate, independent review of regulation, focusing on creating an overarching platform-neutral regulatory regime.
“Commercial radio is subject to numerous regulations including, but not limited to, local content, Australian music quotas and advertising restrictions, while online platforms have few or no restrictions.
“For instance, broadcasters will be subject to an election advertising blackout ahead of next year’s federal election, which will result in ad dollars being diverted to digital platforms.
“We are pleased the ACCC has acknowledged there is inconsistency and that action needs to be taken to provide a fairer regulatory framework.”
CRA also welcomed recommendations for the development of a take-down standard to ensure digital platforms remove copyright infringing material in a timely way and for the further review of the measurement of ads served on digital platforms.
Joan Warner says,“Unlike radio, there is no independent third-party methodology for measuring digital impressions, which can lead to misleading claims regarding the advertising reach of digital platforms,
“We would like to see a robust and transparent audience measurement system for digital platforms, so that advertisers and consumers are not misled.”
The ACCC has requested further feedback on its recommendations and matters for review by 15 February 2019.


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