RASWA after ‘genuine collaboration’ with Radio Adelaide

Radio Adelaide General Manager Rob Popplestone has allegedly axed all Classical and Jazz programs on the station, apparently before meeting with the station community.

The Chair of the RadAd Station Workers Association Nicky Page says, “…this lack of consultation with the community is a symptom of changes that are putting the station at risk.

“This decision is very worrying for all in the Radio Adelaide community. When the new Board Chair Iain Evans met the station workers, he assured us there would be no immediate change to programming, and more importantly, promised to consult with station workers” she said.

In a media release issued a short time ago Ms Page said that all supporters understand the need for change at the station, including around programming and funding, but “the changes need to be co-operative and consultative to meet the licensing requirements for a community station”.

The University of Adelaide has part funded the station since 1972.

This funding is expected to be withdrawn over the next three years.

The University holds the free community radio licence for the station but has appointed a new Board to manage the transition away from the University and then the new independent station.

The conditions of license transfer, which will be assessed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), include clear requirements for participation by the community and for transparent decision making processes that ensure accountability to that community.

The RASWA committee is calling on the new Board to defer the programming changes and set up mechanisms for genuine collaboration between management and station workers.

We’ve had 12 months now of being presented with major decisions and expecting to adapt. That is not consultation. It is being done without the participation of the community.” said Ms Page.

“Volunteers and staff have been cooperating with the new board and management, but this decision demonstrates that our very extensive skills base and experience are being ignored. It is our judgement that this now places the station at significant risk.”

It’s understood most station workers are currently not able to be involved at Radio Adelaide as the building of new studios, co-located in the city with Fresh 92.7 FM has faced delays.

The station has been playing pre-recorded content since it moved from the University of Adelaide building on North Terrace, which is now being demolished. 

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