Raving over Rove

Guy Dobson can smell success

Buoyed by the success of Hamish and Andy, Executive Director for Metro Operations at SCA Guy Dobson can sense a massive comeback for the beleaguered hit network flagship, 2Day FM. 

“As Hamish & Andy joined the fold our music started to broaden out and we saw our brand go in a northern trajectory, even with a three share breakfast show,” says Mr Dobson. “So, we knew we had the drive show right. Then what sat a little out of place was Dan & Maz.

“This is nothing to do with how they sound or what they were doing. I’ve always said they’re a great show. We’re going to look after them. They handled themselves brilliantly in the hothouse of Sydney Breakfast radio. And we’re going to incubate and nurture those guys for another kick-arse shift somewhere down the track.

“But in Sydney, you need a marquee name in this town… you need to look at a billboard as of someone as you drive to work and home. And Dan & Maz were young unknowns and for us to get them known would have taken us another five to ten years.

“So as we broadened the station out, we needed a show that that was recognisable on a billboard. And Rove happened to fall from the sky and we said, “let’s grab him!” says  Mr Dobson.

For someone like Rove McManus who heads up his own international talent and production empire, getting him to commit to three year deal and move back to Australia requires more than money. On top of a salary which is undisclosed, Rove will receive $700,000 per year in Southern Cross Austereo shares.

On top of that, there will no doubt be a cast of two or more, presumably much like Eddie McGuire has at Triple M, Melbourne where he’s backed by Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy. Talent like that doesn’t come cheap either. Mr Dobson declined to comment further, except to say, “We’re building the show now with more announcements to come.”

Mr Dobson addressed rumours that 2Day had approached panelists on TEN’s The Project to partner Rove but Steve Price turned the opportunity down saying, “He was way too expensive. And probably a little young for our format”

Although most observers would consider the results after one full survey for Hamish and Andy’s return to the 2Day/hit network Drive shift spectacular, Mr Dobson feels “The numbers were underdone. I think our opposition got some phantom cumes in Sydney. We were underdone in Sydney despite your 3 share breakfast show and I think there’s more to come.”

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