Ray Hadley not happy with fill-in, Joe Hildebrand.

Ray Hadley, currently holidaying on the Gold Coast, called in to work yesterday to vent his spleen about NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet’s handling of the pandemic.

It’s not the first time 2GB’S regular Morning Show host had broken his holiday to voice his opinion on something he’d heard on the station.

On Wednesday, he was so furious with what he’d heard on the Afternoon show, where Joe Hildebrand was filling-in for Deborah Knight, that he called in to Chris O’Keefe on Drive (filling in for Jim Wilson).

But Ray wasn’t just unhappy with what the Premier had to say, but with the way in which he was interviewed by Joe.

“As someone who’s led the station for the last 18 months to make sure that the Covid message got out there,” railed Ray, “the last thing I need is a fill-in getting on-air and telling people, ‘Oh it’s no worry.’ The last person to say that, Joe, was Alan Jones… have a look where he’s currently employed.”

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