Ray Hadley’s on air response to Chris Bowen’s bullying claims

Following radioinfo’s report yesterday about Chris Bowen’s facebook post outlining his years of torment as Ray Hadley’s studio producer, Hadley went on air this morning to address the situation.
Hadley admitted that their relationship could be volatile at times but said it wasn’t a weekly occurrence as it had been portrayed in Bowen’s post. He also acknowledged that Bowen had suffered mental issues over a long period of time and said  that his facebook post was part of his treatment program.
In closing he said he wished Bowen all the best:
“The Bowen, as he was known, was my panel operator until he moved to another program 15 years later… At times our relationship could be volatile, he would go off sometimes and so would I…

“The post is apparently part of his treatment. I thought, despite the weight of what we had to deal with personally, he was coping, but obviously he wasn’t and isn’t. I’m sorry for any hurt I’ve caused him… I wish him no harm and I hope he continues to progress because he’s a fairly decent person who’s having some troubles at the moment… I wish him well.”


In response to Ray Hadley’s apology, Chris Bowen posted this on facebook, including a screen shot of correspondence between he and Hadley last year.

It’s wonderful that Ray won’t comment out of respect of my “mental health” issues. Means a lot, thanks. I won’t comment on his either.

Also when you do go to management this is the kind of communication you receive back. 17/3/18. For context it was stupidly during an exchange by me while attempting to clear the air.



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