Record attempt at biggest Hot Cross Bun

In the spirit of Easter, 100.9 Sea FM and Cripps have joined forces to take on the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest hot cross bun.

“Australians love big things but Tassie has missed out on having one; no merino, no pineapple, no banana,” said Paul and Woody, breakfast hosts at Sea FM.

“It’s time to put Tassie back on the map and what better way to do it than by breaking a world record for the biggest Easter bun and have it shaped like our awesome state.”

The newly installed, Italian oven at the Cripps factory in Glenorchy was volunteered instantly by CEO Paul Gadomski, who took it upon the Tasmanian based company to put their newly installed, Italian oven to work.

“I felt that Sea FM might struggle to get traction with the idea given the major part of the process is the oven. No one in Tasmania has a bread oven as large as ours and no one in Tasmania bakes Easter buns better than Cripps and so the partnership was formed and history will now be made… along with a very large Easter bun,” said Gadomski.

The oven, measuring 25 metres by 2 metres, is the key element to beating the current world record of 168kgs. A goal the Cripps engineers are confident they can reach.

Cooked in a specially designed, Tasmania shaped baking tin, the bun will contain 75kg of Australian fruit, 160 kg of Tasmanian flour, 32 kg of Australian sugar, 16 kg of cinnamon, 8 kg of spice and 80 litre of pure Tasmanian water.

The world record attempt will take place at 10am next Monday 30th of March at Cripps Bakery, Swallow Parade, Glenorchy.

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