Record Industry’s claims ridiculous: Dugald Cameron

Grant Broadcasters defiant over paying for online simulcasting.

Grant Broadcasters has shut down internet simulcasts of all of its 71 stations on the internet rather than pay record companies an additional copyright fee for online streaming.

Grant Broadcasters Director Dugald Cameron told radioinfo, “I see it as a necessity as a result of the record industry’s ridiculous claims.”

When asked whether the move was wise at a time when radio is battling new online competitors, Mr Cameron replied,  “Yes, that’s a very disturbing element. But it doesn’t change what’s been put forward (by the record companies) There’s not a dollar of sense in it.”

“I can’t talk to any numbers, but it would certainly make any streaming or simulcasting radio unviable,” he said.

Mr Cameron confirmed that until the record companies come up with a reasonable deal that the Grant Network can live with, his stations will stay off the net. “At this stage, yes, that’s the decision that we’ve made. What way the negotiations may play out, I can’t hypothesise – but that would sum it up.”

It is unclear whether other networks will follow suit, Mr Cameron saying he’s had no calls or discussions with other network heads.

Commercial Radio Australia has yet to respond to radioinfo’s request for comment. However, CEO Joan Warner recently told radioinfo: “Radio must continue to be available across all platforms – AM, FM, DAB+, in cars, online and on any other new device that comes to market.”