RED FM’s Alana & Robbie get engaged and call it quits

RED FM’s Alana McLean & Robbie Klitzing have decided to call time on their two and half year run on Breakfast on Red and leave WA to move to Melbourne, while also announcing their engagement.

For most couples, the ordeal of getting up together at 4.30AM, working together, attending functions, travelling and going home to the same house together would be too much, however, for Alana and Robbie it’s a combination that has just “worked” and it was evident early there was chemistry both on and off the mic.

‘It’s so funny how things work out’, said Klitzing. ‘We were first introduced by Fox FM ACD, James Speed, who we had both worked with, and the chemistry was there straight away! Our boss Dan Cole at RED FM agreed to pair us together …little did he know what was to come’.

As a state-wide breakfast show, the duo have primarily been based in SevenWest’s headquarters in Perth, however taking their show on the road for outside broadcasts has seen the pair travel almost 30,000 kilometres, that’s enough to cross Australia almost 7 and a half times.
Although the pair have visited just about every patch of WA’s coastline, it was sunset at a favourite local beach that was the location for Klitzing to propose, completely taking McLean by surprise.

“It had been my birthday the day before, we had a few celebrations with friends and family that weekend, plus it has been a very busy time planning the move over east – I genuinely didn’t think that was about to happen when he said ‘let’s pop out for a while. I thought we were heading out to get Chinese for dinner!” McLean laughed.

Although their bosses didn’t cotton onto the romance for a few months, perhaps an indication of what was to unfold was right in front of their eyes in the very early days of the show.

Klitzing recalls that the duo’s first radio story arc was a ‘Radio Relationship Commitment Ceremony’ where the duo read vows to one another committing to an “on air partnership” and Sports Reporter, Nick Wharton, acted as a celebrant.

“I look back at the video of that morning and it’s no surprise we ended up getting engaged. We were way too into it – it almost looked like we were doing a practice run!” joked Klitzing.

The move to Melbourne is to pursue new career opportunities over east with Klitzing is joining Melbourne’s Gold 104.3 as a Content Assistant and McLean will be following him in December when her role as a WA Racing Ambassador wraps in November and begin pursuing new media opportunities in Melbourne.




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