Whooshkaa opens access to Stitcher’s stable of stars

According to Edison Research a quarter of all Australians aged 12-54 listen to podcasts monthly, prompting  Whooshkaa to partner with Midroll Media the advertising arm of US podcast giant Stitcher, in a deal that will make Stitcher’s top-tier podcast inventory available to advertisers in Australia.
My Favorite Murder, Oprahs SuperSoul Conversations, The Bill Simmons Podcast and Freakonomics Radio are among the hot properties Whooshkaa has added.
Chief Revenue Officer at Stitcher Sarah van Mosel, says, Stitcher is thrilled to bring our decade of expertise in the podcasting space to Australia, a market with an active and growing podcast fanbase. Whooshkaa is an excellent partner with unparalleled insights into the Australian marketplace and will help to connect new brands and audiences with our roster of some of the biggest names in podcasting.
Whooshkaa CEO Rob Loewenthal says advertisers were increasingly connecting with rising numbers of loyal, affluent, media-savvy listeners, Messages spoken and endorsed by a popular host have unbeatable cut-through. Audiences are all ears for hosts such as Oprah Winfrey (Oprahs SuperSoul Conversations), Stephen J. Dubner (Freakonomics Radio), Bill Simmons and My Favorite Murders Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.
Engaged listeners love these shows and the hundreds of others available from Stitcher. The take-up of podcasting is growing exponentially, and thats good news for Whooshkaas podcasters and advertisers.



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