Red FM’s Grant Denyer faux pas forgiven

2Day FM’s Grant Denyer was in Perth this week promoting the new series of Dancing with the Stars, which hen hosts with rival Sydney breakfast presenter Amanda Keller.

Last time Breakfast on Red cohosts Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing had Denyer on their show, Robbie made the embarrassing mistake of asking Denyer how his dance skills were.

Of course most people would know that the 2006 Dancing With The Stars Champion was in fact Denyer himself. So as you can imagine it was a little tense after such a faux paus question to the DWTS host.

“It was early in the morning, I hadn’t had my coffee yet and yeah I made a real blunder there,” said Klitzing. “Alana hasn’t let me forget about it since!”

McLean thinks it is fair enough that she has been giving her co-host a bit of bake. “There’s a reason I wrote up a question sheet for Robbie, so he wouldn’t do silly things like this.”

Denyer had a good laugh about it and let Robbie off without too much heat. “It’s not bloody great when you have to read out your own wikipedia or bio,” Denyer said. “It’s ok it’s not your job to know every aspect of my life or my career, don’t be to hard on yourself.”

McLean and Klitzing decided to try and make it up to Denyer by preparing a Quiz Show dedicated solely to him. Have a listen to the audio to see if Denyer for gave the Red FM Breakfast Team.




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