Red Symons recovering from ‘significant brain injury’

Red Symons has suffered a “significant injury to his brain” according to his ABC Radio Melbourne colleague Jon Faine.

It was earlier this month the breakfast announcer was hospitalised following a fall caused by a ‘sudden lack of conciousness’.

Faine told listeners this morning Symons was “doing well” and had sent a “big cheerio” to everyone.

“He’s working at coming back as soon as he can. The bottom line is he’s had a significant injury to his brain.

“He felt a bit unsteady, stopped, put his hand out to hold onto the building as he wobbled and fell backwards because it was a hill. 

“Because he fell backwards, he hit the back of his head very hard on the pavement.

“He hasn’t lost any function. He’s as sharp as ever,” Faine said.

Libbi Gorr has been filling in for the 68 year old.

Well wishes can be sent to Symons via [email protected].


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