A reminder for politicians: Glenn Daniel

Glenn Daniel speaks to radioinfo about the David Bradbury interview.

Glenn Daniel has seen politicians come and go through his newsroom and has seen all the tricks. During an election campaign radio journos need to be even more vigilent about accuracy and be aware of political tactics.


radioinfo: Were you surprised at his approach, to play the man not the ball?

Daniel: Not really. Politicians know when they ring radio newsrooms they’ll often get very busy staff on quarter or half hour deadlines, and they can drop 3 grabs and go without scrutiny. It was clearly not his usual experience to be questioned.

radioinfo: His approach could be described as condescending and aggressive. Would you agree?

Daniel: I think he was surprised to face scrutiny, and there was genuine disbelief he was being questioned.

radioinfo: He suggests you are a liberal party member. What are your thoughts on journos being members/supporters of political parties?

Daniel: I think that’s a personal decision. I’m not a member of a political party and don’t plan to be.

radioinfo: What was actually run in the news. I assume nothing of the exchange was put to air on Smooth.

Daniel: We didn’t run the exchange in Smooth News. It’s hard to capture that in a News bulletin.  2GB’s Ray Hadley broadcast the interview, and Chris Smith, Ben Fordham and Alan Jones did the same.

It was a good day for radio……..and hopefully a reminder for MP’s and their media minders.

David Bradbury has told AAP: “Yesterday wasn’t one of my better days. On this occasion I got it wrong, but at least I’m out there fighting for [my community] and I will keep doing that… [Media] have a job to do. We have a job to do and it’s always better if you respect the role that everybody plays.”