Reuse and repurpose your audio #CBAAConf

The Future of Content was the first topic on day two of the CBAA Conference in Melbourne.
Four speakers shared their thoughts about the future of content.
James Cridland
Of all the new ways of delivering content, podcasting will be one of the most important platforms in the future.
You should make the most of your content. Reuse it and repurpose it for many platforms.
The content strategy for most radio stations seems to be broadcast it once then delete it. There is so much great radio that deleting anything is a crime. Use and reuse the content on as many places and platforms as we can.
Radio audiences are not going down, 90% of people still listen to radio, but time spent listening is going down. By making sure our content is reused and repurposed on may platforms we can increase that TSL.
Bec Petratis
Think beyond audio. Take photos, film yourself, add more to the audio. Think of different ways to take that piece of audio and create something more that will fit the platform that you want to put it on.
I understand this may be tough, but you want the most number of people to consume it, so make the effort to fit new social media platforms so that the content will spread widely.
First find one person at your station who is interested in social media and have them help develop social media presence for the station.
Wayne Quilliam
From a visual artist perspective I think about visualising radio. As well as teaching radio, teach photography and video. We’ve got to be ahead of the game to remain relevant.
Nicola Joseph
We need visuals and social media to add to our content. The skill set now has to be much wider for broadcasters, so our radio stations work better and our media workers are multi skilled.

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