Star 106.3’s 500 Grand on the Strand

It’s the once in a lifetime opportunity that has captured the imagination of Townsville as they wonder just how vastly their life would change if they were $500,000 richer.

This morning, Josh from Bushland Beach was selected as the lucky finalist to dig on Strand Beach Townsville for a shot at $500,000.

Unfortunately, Josh didn’t choose the lucky plot, but his dig did uncover $5000; enough he says for a family holiday in Bali. The mystery $500,000 plot was later revealed as number 55.

Over the past three weeks, close to 10,000 locals have registered online to play Star 106.3’s 500 Grand on the Strand. 

One finalist was selected today who chose from 100 plots on the beach, only one of which contained the half a million dollars. 

Breakfast announcers Lakey and Larnz said the excitement surrounding this promotion has been unprecedented. 

“We’ve had so many calls and comments about this promotion. The opportunity to change someone’s life financially has been an amazing experience for us all. Sadly it didn’t quite work that way for Josh today, but he’s still leaving us a winner,” they said.


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