Revealed: Sophie Monk’s “last” thoughts in near death experience

“I should have spent my money on a boob job” and writing a letter to her family were the last thoughts Sophie Monk had in a near death experience travelling to Iraq to entertain the troops.
Sophie talked about the experience on 2Day FM’s Jules, Merrick & Sophie with Mel B saying her life flashed before her eyes when the plane she was in had to dodge a mortar in the air.
“This is going to sound like a joke but… I was in the cockpit and I heard over the comms they went, “Mortar, mortar”, and we had to drop the whole plane and it felt like we were just free-falling. I thought I was going to die, and we dodged a mortar. Honestly what flashed before my eyes was unbelievable… 
“I should have spent my money on a boob job – dead set and this is me being honest – and write a letter for my family.”  

In the end Sophie didn’t get the boob job or write a letter to her family, but it seems the experience has stuck with her.

“I didn’t do either because I was fighting myself over which one I should have done,” she said. 

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