Richard Ackland returns to ABC Radio National for summer

Presenter, journalist and lawyer, Richard Ackland is returning to ABC Radio National to present Summer Breakfast from Monday, 22nd December.

RN’s Summer Breakfast program will be a special mix of lifestyle, travel, finance and the arts, and will include talkback. The program will also cover breaking news and current affairs stories.

Ackland is well known to ABC Radio National audiences – he presented
Late Night Live and Daybreak in the early 1990s, then the
network’s breakfast program. His career in journalism extends
well beyond his roles with the station.

Ackland launched and remains Publisher and Editor of legal journals
Justinian and the Gazette of Law and Journalism, and is the legal
affairs columnist at The Sydney Morning Herald. Recently, Ackland
co-presented The Business Show on SBS TV, and in 1998 was the
presenter of Media Watch on ABC TV.

ABC Radio National’s summer schedule runs from Monday, 22 December
until Friday, 23 January.

Other Summer highlights include:

“Taim B’long Masta” (weekdays, 10am, from Monday, 22 December to Friday,
23 January).

Tim Bowden’s comprehensive oral history series on the
history of Australia’s involvement in Papua New Guinea.

“City Lights 2” (weekdays, 11am, from Monday, 22 to Friday 26 December).

A new series of personal portraits of cities around the world including
Copenhagen, Tokyo, and Zagreb.

“A Walk in the Park” (Mondays, 1.30pm, 29 December and 5, 12, 19, 26

Set to the natural sounds of the area, Jane Stapleton and
Roger Penny take a walk in six different National Parks with an
indigenous landowner/ranger/interpreter and a non-indigenous ranger
to discuss the history, the geology, flora and fauna.

“The Leadership Series” (weekdays, 5.30pm, from Monday, 22 December
to Friday, 16 January).

A selection of interviews with or about
Australian leaders from Prime Ministers like Joseph Lyons and Robert
Menzies, to Premiers such as Sir Charles Court and Don Dunstan, and
community leaders like General Eva Burrows.

“Great Lovers” (weekdays, 6pm, from Monday, 29 December to Friday,
2 January).

Amanda Smith delves into our favourite stories of forbidden
passion including Antony and Cleopatra, and Romeo and Juliet.

“Dream Home” (weekdays, 8.30pm from Monday, 12 January to Friday,
23 January).

The Comfort Zone producer Mark Wakely asks what our homes
mean to us, and looks at the way we’ve made ourselves at home through
history and across cultures.

“Crimetime” (weekdays, 8.45pm from Monday 12 January to Friday,
16 January).

A series examining the connection between crime and popular
culture. Annabelle Quince looks at how our perceptions of crime have
been influenced by the movies, literature and TV.