Richard Wilkins phones in traffic report to Encore 96.3 FM Bundaberg

But instead reviews the Stephen Soderbergh film, Traffic.

Joining Fitzy & Wippa in the Nova 969 studios, smoothfm’s Richard Wilkins was asked to call the Bundaberg community station with a traffic report.

‘We said “mate, can you ring a radio station and say that you’ve got traffic, and give a movie review of the film Traffic”.’ Fitzy explained. 

‘Hello, is this traffic?’ asks Wilkins.
‘You’ve called Encore comunity radio.’
‘Have you seen Traffic?’
‘Traffic coming into Bundaberg?’
‘I’ve seen Traffic … the acting is brilliant all around … Traffic …. I give it FOUR STARS.’
‘Who’s calling?’
‘It’s Richard Wilkins, here on Nova.’
‘I’ll pass that on to our listners. We’re just a wee community station here in Bundaberg. Thank you very much for that, very impressive.’

Listen below.


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