Vale RSN’s Deane Lester

Melbourne’s RSN 927 racing presenter Deane Lester died yesterday at the age of 54.

RSN 927 posted this tribute.

As you may be aware, ‘Deano’ has experienced health issues throughout his entire life. He was born with spina bifida (a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly) and from 2002, he was aided by a mobility scooter.

Deane never complained, moving forward with courage and dignity. There was work to be done, winners to be found.

More recently, Deane was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

He passed away peacefully in hospital yesterday.

Following his cancer diagnosis, messages of support flooded in from around the world.

A Go Fund Me page set up by RSN raised $290,000 – almost triple its original target.

Since joining RSN (formerly 3UZ) in the late eighties, Deane’s on-air presence steadily grew to the point that – for two decades – he was known as the heartbeat of the station.

RSN Racing and Sport Chairman John Stewart says: “Deane’s contribution to the station was profound, while his knowledge and work ethic was unparalleled.

“For several decades, Deane Lester has been a part of people’s lives, helping them back a winner. For many listeners, Deane was the only voice they relied on and have trusted his opinions.

“Deane was a great person who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.”

RSN Program Director Andrew Bensley highlighted Deane’s popularity with the station’s audience.

“Everyone trusted Deane. I have no doubt the history of Deane Lester will remain strong at RSN, a radio station where he created a career and a legacy.”

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