River 94.9 FM embraces the heat

September in South East Queensland has been hot.

In fact Monday was Ipswich’s hottest September day since 1943. And today was set to be even hotter reaching temperatures up to 40 degrees.

River 94.9 decided it was time to leave the studios and head to the beach… Well the closest thing Ipswich has to a beach, Orion Lagoon in Springfield.

The River Rig was packed up, parked in a prime location looking over the Lagoon, surrounded by thousands of families just trying to cool down, as River 94.9 broadcast live on site from 11am – 3pm.

Everyone was encouraged to come and say g’day, have a dip, and enjoy the $2 scoop ice-cream the Lagoon Cafe was serving up with a portion of their sales being donated to Rosies Friends on the Street.

River 94.9 also caught up with the Orion Lagoon Lifeguards throughout the broadcast for some safety tips and reminders as summer approaches. and heaps more fun.

River 94.9 FM’s General Manager Shane O’Brien has told radioinfo: “It’s a great testament to our team here at River 94.9 that we can act so quickly in response to local conditions – and get out into the heart of our community, to be with them in this outrageous weather. I saw so many thankful families at Orion Lagoon today that were there because we’d encouraged them to join us. Sometimes the simple things are the best. ‘It’s hot, let’s go swimming’ was certainly a message that resinated with our community today.”

It was incredible day, an incredibly hot day, and River 94.9 was glad to get out and showcase the prime location to be as the weather heats up in Ipswich… Orion Lagoon.